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History of Roulette History of roulette is a mystery yet to be solved. Nobody really knows when or where the casino game roulette first was established. But according to the history of roulette, the game was said to be invented by chance by an inventor named Blaise Pascal somewhere around the 17th century. As time runs, online casinos are innovating to give you the best online casino games. To heighten the fun, and to give quality real life like online casino games. Pascal Pascal was a French mathematician who had ...
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The History of Poker The history of poker is undoubtedly fascinating. Poker is one of the most popular online casino card games in the gambling industry. It intrigues players from Las Vegas all the way to Macau every day. The history of poker reveals that online poker with online slots machines games is being played by millions of casino lovers all over the world. In recent years online and video poker has grown in prominence with big money tournaments also garnering a lot of media attention. This is the modern ...
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The History of Blackjack The history of blackjack originated in French Casinos in around 1700. Prior to this, there had been a few variations of the card game we now know as Blackjack, or 21. But the game that was formulated in the early 18th century is perhaps the closest match to the game and rules we know today. Blackjack was formerly known as Vingt-et-Un which when translated from French means 21. The game of black jack also has its origins from popular French games of the time called Chemin ...
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What’s the Differences between European Roulette and American Roulette What are the differences between European and American Roulette. When it comes to playing online roulette which wheel is the best to play on? The difference between European Roulette and American Roulette is that European roulette wheel possesses a single zero with a house edge of 2.7%, compared to the American roulette wheel that features a single zero as well as a double zero and a house edge of 5.26%. In terms of odds of winning, the European wheel is a ...
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Blackjack Tournaments Blackjack Tournaments are extremely popular within the global gambling industry. This is because it provides a more competitive edge for players looking to establish themselves within the professional game. Most blackjack tournaments offer huge amounts of prize money. If victorious you also gain the prestige that comes with becoming the tournament winner. There’s many Blackjack tournaments around the world, as well in an online setting with many live casino options available. This guide will teach you all the important rules of Blackjack tournaments. It will also you some ...
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Casino Games Casino games, lots to play and money to be made. As it stands, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casino games for one to choose from. Where you happen to find your feet depends entirely on the games that you adhere too. In this article we are going to cover some of the most popular casino games out there. Also we will give you some recommendations on where best you can find them. We play these sorts of games constantly. So consider ourselves experts somewhat when ...
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