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Umbingo scored 4.8/5 on this review. Free Slots Sites  go hunting for the best online casinos, free slots sites, free spins no deposit no wager sites and get you the best slot sites and best uk slots out there. So, stay tuned and come back for the weekly updates! As it stands presently, Umbingo is one of the most popular online slot destinations on the web, a site that is home to hundreds of online slot titles, the type of slots that offer windows into worlds unlike our own — as well as some of the classic casino/fruit games that you know and love.

Umbingo has only been around for what feels like a couple of months now, but in that short period of time they have managed to accumulate quite a large player-base, those who spend hours on the site daily for lasting experiences and various different slots to choose from.

Although you might not have heard of this site, that does not then mean that it isn’t as good as any of the other online slots out there going today. Umbingo is on a competitive level in terms of offering quality games and reward promotions. Umbingo will no doubt become a household name before you know it, so why not board the hype train now before it becomes a juggernaut on its’ own accord? There is a lot of upside to this site, let’s take a closer look at what is on offer here.

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Casino Betting at Umbingo

The aim of the site is in the name, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to people. Umbingo is a site home to various different online games, stemming from various different categories. If you find that you are someone who frequents these sorts of sites with hope of playing something different each time you visit, then you will be pleasantly happy with what Umbingo has for you.

Umbingo is home to an eclectic mix of games for you to choose from, if you happen to be a fan of online bingo games then the site has all of the hit games. Not only that, but you will find slots from developers the likes of NetEnt and Eyecon respectively, two developers who are synonymous with experiences that you aren’t likely to forget. One prime example of this slots is called classic roulette, it has been around for many years, but is still one of those games still played by many players. Promises like this are quite hard to come by, as are those who actually follow-through with these promises, but Umbingo actually comes through with results.

If you are someone who frequents this type of site often, then it really pays to set up an account with the site, simply because of the financial incentives that are strewn throughout. Setting up an account will be mandatory if you want to take advantage of some promotions, as well as some of the perks that are exclusive to members of the site. It doesn’t take that long to sign up, but when you do you’ll find that you can keep track of what slots you’ve played, as well as your winnings up until this point.

Welcome Offers and Promotions at Umbingo

Signing up to any site such as Umbingo will come with a few benefits. This UK based online casino site grants new users with up to 500 free spins available to new customers. Free spins are incredibly useful in these sorts of games, so considering there is up to 500 available here, this will be the difference between low cash pay-outs and high cash pay-outs. In order for you to take advantage of this, you will need to be betting a minimum of £10, which isn’t that bad compared to a lot of sites out there, so take advantage of this if you are looking for the most money possible.

Trophies offer something to play towards once you sign up to the site also. Earn up to 200 trophies and you will find that you are given vouchers that can be spent on other sites online. Incentives such as this will always keep us interested in playing on the site. It is true that a lot of other sites utilise this incentive also, but Umbingo do it with their own style, which is what makes it a little better.

Why you Should be Betting with Umbingo

Umbingo, for starters, is a very versatile site, as we have already eluded too, which gives users quite a lot of options, which in turn will bring more eyes to the site overall. Range in these sorts of games will always bring more eyes to a product, Umbingo is the type of site that can be visited at anytime, and anywhere due to the mobile version of this site also. Other reasons as to why you should visit this site include:

  • Trophies – Trophies are very useful in that they will give you something to work towards with each spin/play. You will need an account of your own to access these features.
  • Seasonal Games – If you take a look on the home screen, you will find a list of games that the site creators believe to be worthwhile during that particular season, thus highlighting some games you might not have tried before!

That’s Gambling Staff Picks

The fine-folks at That’s Gambling have been kind enough to give us more reasons to be excited about this site. These guys spend just as much time on these sites as we do, so we trust their judgement just as much as we trust our own. Think of their involvement as encouragement to visit this site even more. Here are a few of their thoughts:

  • A Diverse Selection of Games – There is a very diverse mix of slots and casino games here, some you might recognise if you know the industry, and some might be new to you, which is great as it keeps you intrigued for more.
  • Constant Promotions – The site is known to constantly update with new promotions that add something different to how you play, which also works in keeping things fresh for the players out there.

Accessibility, Payment and Responsible Gambling 

Umbingo is available across multiple different platforms, which does include mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Those who have access to a smartphone will have access to the sites app also. Payment methods on the site include VISA Electron, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe and more. For a conclusive list of the terms and conditions surround wagering requirements please visit the terms and conditions page across each promotion.

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