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EU Casino scored 4.2/5 on this review. Free Slots Sites go hunting for the best online casinos, free slots sites, free spins no deposit no wager sites and get you the best slot sites and best UK slots out there. So, stay tuned and come back for the weekly updates! A very extensive online slot sites, this is how we would describe EU Casino, an online casino site that has a lot of upside for being a site that could have very easily failed on all fronts.

So what makes EU Casino such a fun site to begin with? Well you are going to have to read the rest of this review to find out more, although we will tell you that there are a list of online games out there for you to choose from on this site, which is perfect for those looking for any old excuse to visit this site for yourself.


You need only visit this site for yourself to see the sites manifesto, here is what it reads: “EUcasino.co.uk provides a selection of the world”s favorite games which you can download for free and play for fun or for real money. You can do all this in a friendly yet professional environment, utilizing the latest, most reliable playing software. We take away all the hassle leaving you free to enjoy the winning!” If you wish to learn more about this site then be sure to check out the rest of our written review below! In addition, you can also read more online casino reviews here anytime you want and anywhere.

Casino Gaming at EU Casino

So what kind of games should you expect on EU Casino, well you can expect there to be a lot of different games to choose from, some you might have heard of and some maybe you haven’t. This is one of the biggest strengths of the site, as for every Starburst you will have BerryBlast, a slot that some might have never heard of before, but is actually worthy of your time based on how fun it happens to be, just like that of Starburst. The site is also home to quite a few of card games, roulette games and video poker games outright. Read more about poker strategies here and start playing like a pro in the world of online casinos.

Signing up

If you choose to stick around on EU Casino, you will find that signing up to the site comes with a list of extras. There are welcome bonuses to signing up, but in order to bet in the first place you will need to set up an account to begin with. When you sign up you will be able to monitor your wins and games you play very easily. There are no excuses to not sign up, it takes literally seconds and the list of benefits are seemingly endless.

Welcome Offers and Promotions 

The first offer we will talk about here revolves around the online slot Spina Colada. The welcome bonus here will require a minimum deposit of £10, and when you put that money down you will find that you will earn up to 50 mega spins for every pound deposited. It’s worth noting that although this bonus is exclusive to the online slot Spina Colada, that it doesn’t then mean that it is a bad thing. If you’ve played Spina Colada before then you will know how fun it happens to be, and that any excuse to play it is a good thing.

Daily picks

The site features a lot of daily picks that take you into games that you might not have played before. There are three different daily bonuses to choose from each day, each offer something different that will force you to play a little smarter or a little more competitively. For example one of these bonuses will have the site match your winnings which will encourage one to get the highest scores possible if the site is going to match it. The staff pick will often be quite fortuitous too, with todays particular offerings giving players mega spins for mega wins in all participating games.


Tournaments are heavily featured on the site, and will encourage players of all entry levels to come together in order to try and get the highest scores possible. Some tournaments you will need to buy-in, which does include a small fee, but when have you ever gotten anywhere without having to put down a little money? Once you have placed down your fee you then need only hit the join button and away you go. Tournaments change weekly, so it really pays to visit this site on a frequent basis in order to find a tournament that works for you.

Why you Should Visit EU Casino

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned here, there are thousands of reasons as to why you should consider visiting this site for yourself. First and foremost, this site is home to a very wide catalogue of different games that are fit for every occasion, other reasons are as follows:

  • Hit Games – The site is home to a lot of slots and table based games that are perfect for those who happen to prefer them over some other offerings out there. Off the top of our head: Thunderstruck and Fairytale Legends are featured here.
  • Mobile Site – Yes this site is mobile optimised, which will allow one to play anywhere and at anytime which is very accessible for players who might not have a lot of time to visit this site.

That’s Gambling Staff Picks

That’s Gambling are experts when it comes to the online casino game, which essentially means that we trust them just as much as we trust ourselves. Here are a few thoughts from these guys:

  • Jackpot Games – This site is home to a lot of jackpot games that encourage one to find the most money possible in these games.
  • VIP Section – There are so many benefits to signing up to the VIP section of the site. This section comes with its own set bonuses too, which will actually increase your scores tenfold.

Accessibility, Payment and Responsible Gambling at Bet EU Casino

EU Casino is available across multiple different platforms, which does include mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Those who have access to a smartphone will have access to the sites app also. Payment methods on the site include VISA Electron, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe and more. For a conclusive list of the terms and conditions surround wagering requirements please visit the terms and conditions page across each promotion.

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