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Betsafe Casino Review

Betsage Casino scored 4.2/5 on this review. Free Slots Sites go hunting for the best online casinos, free slots sites, free spins no deposit no wager sites and get you the best slot sites and best UK slots out there. So, stay tuned and come back for the weekly updates! The tagline for this site is ‘in it to win it,’ if you didn’t know what type of site this is, you should have an accurate picture now. Betsafe Casino is just one of many different online casino sites that are in fashion right now, meaning what they are offering is quality experiences with little to no cost on your end.

Of-course this is an online gaming site, so you will need to pay a little, but what you get in return is something far greater than what you initially expected. In this review we are going to cover as much as possible, but as always, if you want a more accurate picture, you should probably visit the site for yourself.

Established in 2006

Betsafe Casino launched in January of 2006, and since then has gone on to establish around 450,000 customers worldwide, which is no small feat especially in this business where everything can go by in the spin of a roulette table. What you’ll find here on this site are a handful of different opportunities to make bank, all you need do is sign up and begin making some of the most fortuitous investments you can make.

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Casino Betting at Betsafe Casino

You will find mixture of different games to play on this site which includes a mix of sports betting options and live/online casino games to choose from. On this site, you can find the best uk online slots that will surely satisfy your craving in playing online casino games, especially slots. This is an online casino site through and through, which might not appeal to everyone, but if you’re reading this then we’re going to assume that this is the type of site that you’ve been looking for.

Other reasons to be excited on this site revolve around promotions and things of that nature, but we’re going to get into that in due time. The types of games you can expect here all offer something different to punters of various different entry levels.

Signing up

If you are someone looking to take advantage of the sites main offerings, then we would advise you sign up for yourself. Signing up comes with an endless list of benefits, with the most notable being your ability to keep track of your winnings/games up until a point. Signing up will allow you to bet on some of the most entertaining games on the planet. You can’t bet without signing up, and hey, if you’re planning on sticking around, you’ll find that you actually want to sign up for all the benefits that come with it.

Welcome Offer and Promotions 

Newbies to the site will have three different options to choose from, each offering something interesting to a specific game. You will need to sign up to take advantage of all of the following promotions, although this takes minutes so you shouldn’t really be complaining. In addition, this site offers you a roulette betting strategy that you can use while playing in online casinos. All of the following offers are applicable to the online slot Starburst, which is actually one of the most popular online games going today.

The first offer involves depositing £25 on selected slots and get 25 Cash Spins on Starburst, the second involves depositing £100 on selected slots and get 100 Cash Spins on Starburst, and finally the third option here involves depositing £200 on selected slots and get 200 Cash Spins on Starburst.

Poker welcome bonus

The poker welcome bonuses are also very varied depending on the type of player you happen to be overall. Again you will first need to register an account in order to see these offers come to fruition. These bonuses operate on what the site calls the rake system. What rake means is essentially the house take for each victory you make when using the following bonuses. A £1000 bonus comes to those who rake £500to release £100 in loyalty points when using the code 1000MGBLACK. There are multiple different variations of this bonus to choose from but essentially this allows you to make bank on your table games.


Every Wednesday, the site holds specific tournaments that are exclusive to new players, which is incredibly useful in granting players a lot of money and to meet some other players out there who might be in the same position as they are. This will automatically kick in as soon as you sign up. You can play in each tournament up to 6 times each, so as you can see, many different ways to come out on top.

Why you Should Visit Betsafe Casino

We’ve covered a lot of different reasons as to why you should be visiting the site already, but in this section we just want to summarise a few things in order to put things into perspective for you. Here are a few more bits of info for you:

  • VIP Blackgold – The VIP Blackgold is an exclusive club reserved for the upper echelon of players who consider themselves high rollers. This club can be joined for a fee, and with it comes exclusive extras and things of that nature.
  • Extensive User Experiences – This site carries itself like a jack of all trades, and that’s because it is. You will find everything you could ever want and more on this site, which is perfect for those who love variety.

That’s Gambling Staff Picks

Our friends over at That’s Gambling work just as hard as we do in order to give you guys something to work towards. Here are a few observations they’ve made surrounding Betsafe Casino:

  • Mobile App – The site is so popular that they had to create a mobile version that allows players to play wherever and whenever.
  • Good Odds – Compared to other sports betting sites out there, all options here are incredibly forgiving, and actually give you the chance to make the big bucks.

Accessibility, Payment and Responsible Gambling at Betsafe Casino

Betsafe Casinois available across multiple different platforms, which does include mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Those who have access to a smartphone will have access to the sites app also. Payment methods on the site include VISA Electron, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe and more. For a conclusive list of the terms and conditions surround wagering requirements please visit the terms and conditions page across each promotion.

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